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March 4, 2020
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5 Tips for Staying Organized with Adult ADHD

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It's hard to stay focused with ADHD, but kids have a lot more leeway in activity than most adults do. When you are trying to hold down a job or concentrate on studying in the university, things can be rather difficult for those who are suffering from ADHD. Fortunately, there are methods of managing these problems so you'll be better able to stick with one activity or job until it's done.

Adults with ADHD are often overwhelmed by the idea of trying to make it work. They find themselves distracted constantly and unable to finish a task all at once. The following five tips will help you focus better and stay organized.

1. Get constant feedback. Having a teacher or supervisor react to what you've done and give feedback is an excellent way to help an adult with ADHD stay on track. The constant reminder to stick with what you are doing will help maintain the focus needed for many jobs. Not every job will have an understanding boss though, so be sure to look for a workplace that is open to helping you out.

2. Stick to a schedule. This is a technique that many parents find works for their ADHD children, but it can also be used with adults. Having a set routine for doing things will help you stay focused on the task at hand. It can take a while to get into that routine, but it is well worth sticking it out and working on staying on schedule since the end result will be increased productivity and concentration, something that will help you no matter what you're doing in life.

3. Take it step by step. Sometimes one task may seem too big to do all at once. If that's the case, try breaking it down into smaller tasks. For example, if you have to unload and shelf an entire truckload of product, you might start with taking ten boxes out. Then you take another ten. Then you remove the products from the boxes. Then shelf them. Break the job down into steps that work for you and you'll be far more productive as you work with smaller tasks that are easier to accomplish than one big one. This can apply to just about anything you have to do.

4. Stay healthy. A healthy body makes for a healthy mind and you'll be able to concentrate better. This includes eating well and avoiding junk food, sugar and caffeine, all of which can cause adverse reactions in adults with ADHD. You should also make sure to drink enough water since even mild dehydration can impair brain function and make it harder to focus. By maintaining your body with good nutrition and keeping it hydrated, you are making it easier for your brain to work and you'll think clearer.

5. Use color coding. An easily visible system is going to make organization a lot easier. Labels often require too much concentration, so colors can be an excellent way for an adult with ADHD to keep things organized and see at a glance what he or she needs.
Use folders, sticky notes or tags and colored pens to keep track of everything, it works very well.

Adult ADHD can be a challenge to handle, but if you are willing to do what it takes and take the time to find a method that works for you, it's very possible to be able to focus on tasks and see them through to completion. ADHD doesn't have to rule your life, you can take control.


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