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April 11, 2020
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Console Tables - A Great Addition When Trying To Sell Your Home

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In this down housing market, if you are one of the millions who are trying to sell a home, you understand how tough it is right now. For the most part there are more homes on the market then people wanting to buy them. That means all aspects of your home and every detail you add, or forget, are going to count.

This is a good time to take a walk through and see what your house is missing. Often the answer is console or sofa tables.

First Impressions - What is the first thing people are going to see when they walk into your home? Is there anything welcoming them into the foyer? If they have an umbrella in hand, a purse, a package, where are they going to put these items? This is one of the many uses for console tables in a home. They are essentially a welcoming hand that will take whatever the potential homeowner needs to put down. A table in the entryway is also a great place to leave any extra brochures you have created to show off you home. Giving them pictures to take with them may help them remember your home, in living color, after they leave.

Living Space - Most people looking for homes have families or are thinking of having families down the road. They are looking at what a space can offer them. Console tables in the living room, where you have packed away board games, books and other 'family activities', can offer them a feeling that this room is meant for 'family time'. If you want to send this image home, set up a board game that looks as if it is in play on the top of one of the tables. They will be able to picture their family enjoying time together in this space.

An Organized Kitchen - One of the most commonly looked at spaces in a home is the kitchen. Tables can really add to a kitchen environment, when a prospective buyer is thinking of the gourmet fare they can create in this space. The keyword here is space. Kitchen space is often thought to be at a premium. Putting console tables in the kitchen will allow extra storage space, room for cookbooks, recipes and the other items the new owner will need to create their culinary delights.

These tips are just a start. Look around your house and see where else console tables may make a difference for the better. Consider that as potential buyers look at home they are looking for a space that looks clean, but comfortable. Understand their priorities. They want a beautiful space that they can live in.

By adding console or sofa tables to rooms throughout the house, you are helping them to understand how they will be able to organize all their things and still be able to live comfortably in the space your home has to offer. This extra touch may make your home be the one they can picture themselves living in happily, and may lead to a sale.


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