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October 26, 2020
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Office Relocation: To Meet the Needs of the Company

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Businesses across the world find ways to increase their competitive advantage and be more cost-efficient and productive. Oftentimes, this means moving to a new office or a strategic site. Businesses relocate because of one or a combination of the reasons. Here are some of the major reasons businesses move to new locations:
*New markets
*Upgrade of facilities or equipment
*Lower cost
*Quality of life

Financial Firm Sets up New Headquarters to Reduce Operating Expenses and for Better Customer Service

The Hampton Roads Bankshares, Inc. recently announced the relocation plans of their corporate offices, including their Human Resources, Accounting and Treasury, Facilities Management, Legal, Risk Management, Compliance, Security, and Special Assets to a company-owned building in Virginia Beach, making them the largest community bank headquartered in Virginia Beach. Their President and CEO, Douglas J. Glenn, said that this relocation will let them serve the needs of their customers and communities efficiently and effectively and will allow them to reduce operating expenses.

Private Company Moves to New Large Location for Increasing Workforce

Portland Business Journal's 2011 15th fastest growing private company in Oregon-Southwest Washington, Eid Passport, Inc, will relocate and expand their headquarters in a prominent 70,000-square feet office space in Oregon. Their CEO, Steve Larson, said that this new office is more than double the size of their current facilities, which will allow them to meet the needs of an increasing workforce as they have more than doubled their number, bring their headquarters employees back in one roof as they are currently scattered in four locations, and position themselves for future growth.

Architectural Firm Finds Larger Office to Meet the Needs of Continued Growth

The leading metropolitan New York-based architecture, master planning and interior design firm Spector Group is moving to a new 13,000-square foot office located in Madison Avenue, which is larger than their current office, to meet their present needs and future growth. A principal at Spector Group, Scott E. Spector, said that this new space will be perfect for their current architects, additional design professionals, future needs, and continued growth to provide their clients with the high level of service they are known for.

Find the Right Office Removalist for Smooth Transfers

The only concern when moving to a new space is the hassle involved in office relocation, such as the furniture and equipment removals. Some companies do their own office transfers but it is very tiresome and burdensome because you have to worry about several factors, such as:
*Proper and careful handling of your office stuff
*Hiring trucks
*Systems downtime
*Cost of business interruption
*Transfer time

That's why to avoid these problems, smart companies seek the assistance of office removalists as they are the expert office movers.

Always Moving: Sydney's Trusted Office Removalist

In Sydney, when it comes to house or office relocation, removals and storage, Always Moving offers businesses stress-free services because they have over 25 years of experience and the right equipment to move office stuff smoothly and timely. Their goal is to help their clients have a swift transition and start business operations immediately in their new location.


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